Workshop June 24-26, 2013

The Graduate Life Center at Donaldson Brown, Virginia Tech.

Workshop June 3-5, 2009

Virginia Bioinformatics Institute, Virginia Tech

Phytphthora effectors

Workshop June 3-5, 2014

Outside VA Tech Library and SCALE-Up Classroom
Welcome to the Oomycete Bioinformatics Training Workshop Site.
These workshops are supported from 2011 to 2016 by the USDA NIFA Coordinated Agricultural Project (2011-68004-30104). They were previously supported by an NSF Research Collaboration Networks in Biology Grant (MCB-0639226) until 2013.
Workshop is 3 full days, June 2-4, 2015. Arrival Monday, June 1. Depart Friday, June 5. Workshop hotel - Inn at Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA.
This workshop will cover presentations and hands-on exercises on structural and functional genomics, genome annotation, use of the Gene Ontology, and resources and tools for annotation and analysis of oomycete genomic sequences. Most of the workshop will be devoted to in depth training on an exciting new comparative genomics resource for oomycetes that has been developed in association with No registration fee.