Tuesday, June 2Note: Tuesday morning will be in Solitude Room (2nd floor Skelton Conference Center) - part of the Inn
8:30General Introduction
8:45Presentation: Gene and genome sequencing
9:15Short how-to: Assembly
9:30Presentation: Genome Annotation - Part I
11:00Short how-to: Gene Predictions
11:15Presentation: Genome Annotation - Part II
12:15Short how-to: Annotation
12:30Lunch (Preston's at the Inn) - Discussion time
2:00Introduction to FungiDB
2:30Exercise 1: Finding genes and exploring gene pages
4:00Exercise 3: RNAseq data analysis (part 1 of 2)
Wednesday, June 3
8:30Exercise 2: Using the genome browser
10:30Exercise 6: Protein motifs and domains RegEx RegEx2
11:30Exercise 7: DNA Motifs
12:30Lunch (D2 in Dietrick Hall) - Discussion time
2:00Exercise 9: Orthology and phyletic profiles
4:00Exercise 8: Isolate data
Thursday, June 4
8:30Exercise 10: Data retrieval and download
9:15Exercise 5: Metabolic pathways and compounds
10:00Group Project
10:45Exercise 11: RNAseq data analysis (Part 2 of 2)
12:30Lunch - Group Project
2:00Exercise 13: Exploring transcriptomic data
4:00Exercise 14:Complex strategy using genomic co-location
Workshop Survey
Presentations and Handouts

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